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5 tips to stay in shape despite busy days.

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Do you have a tight schedule that rarely leaves you time to take care of yourself? Whether you work, stay-at-home mom, or study, or sometimes even all three (kudos to you); the days go by at full speed and often even to the detriment of your health.

We won't help you reorganize your schedule or make your boss loosen up, but here are 5 keys to keeping fit and healthy:


Regular exercise, regardless of intensity , keeps your body and mind fit. Countless studies have shown it: sport contributes in a broad and comprehensive way to physical and mental health.

Being physically active will increase your energy , contrary to popular belief conveyed by clichés of athletes half in agony. Yes, a good workout will not only chase away all that bad stress but will also change your internal chemistry and produce a boost of energy, joy and immunity.

Are you tired from your day? No problem, good music in your ears, meet your friends at the gym or at the CrossFit box and you will have a boost of energy for several hours/days.


When you are busy, you risk skipping meals or eating foods that are not very nutritious or even junk food on the go.

It's no secret now that diet plays a key role in your fitness, energy levels, moods and performance.

If you want to keep up your frenetic pace while maintaining your good health and your sports sessions, focus on good nutrition: healthy, varied, unprocessed foods, in sufficient quantity (neither too much nor too little!) . Give preference to fruits and vegetables, introduce seeds and dried fruits, vary your protein intake (animal and vegetable); Treat yourself, there is everything you need in nature to bring you health and big muscles.


We could have put it first because sleep is so obvious to last long days. It is even the basis of a building built on form and well-being. The regeneration that sleep produces on your body and mind is unparalleled. Whether you are a light or heavy sleeper, you should make sleep sacred.

7 to 9 hours of sleep per night seem to be sufficient conditions for optimal regeneration.

As athletes, sleep helps repair damaged tissues and rest the nervous system that is strained so hard at work and in our gyms.

And if your days encroach on your nights, don't forget the micro-nap : 20 minutes between noon and two to get off to a good start!


We are obviously talking here about drinking more water! Alcohol, coffee or sugary drinks, you should rather try to reduce or eliminate them to stay in shape.

We are made up of at least 80% water (and much more depending on the fabric). It then seems obvious that to stay in shape, drinking enough is a must. Always carry a bottle of water with you. At the office, shopping, at the gym, dehydration is waiting for you!

To get through your crazy days, stay hydrated!


Easier said than done you might say.

Running from morning to evening, eating well, drinking enough, training, doing everything and still having a night that lasts less than two hours is a challenge for many.

Be realistic. Perfection does not exist . In your family life, in your work or in your sport, you will not manage to be perfect. But does anyone actually require it? If not often you.

Release the pressure. If one day you don't play sports , it doesn't matter.

If one day you eat badly, it does not matter.

If once you party and sleep little, it doesn't matter.

Consistency is key: it's the sum of regularity in your best habits . This is really what will make you stay in shape, for a long time.

Sport is a perfect actor in the fight against stress by promoting the production of euphoric and calming hormones. It also helps to have a social connection with others which will promote your joy and therefore your health.

Jeremy R.


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