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How to get results quickly?

Posted by Team ARDOR on

“Lose 5kg in 1 week”, “Bumpy buttocks in 30 days”, “Abs traced in 5min”…

As summer approaches, the promises of a sculpted body quickly flourish in magazines, on television and on social networks. And yet, all these catchy headlines are lies.

Impatience = Fatal Error

In terms of physical evolution, speed is a notion to forget. Lasting physical change takes time and requires patience. This is why the failure rate is very high. Out of 100 people who undertake any physical change, more than 75 of them fail, because they quickly become discouraged, do not follow through and give up for lack of rapid results.

Here is the worst mistake you can make = believing that the results will come quickly.

Be logical! If you gained 10kg in a year, you won't lose it in a month.

That being said, you can lose them in a month thanks to the drastic and wacky diets that can be found everywhere on the net and which only allow you 500 or 600kcal per day. But you will resume them as soon as the diet is over.

The same is true for muscle mass gain. The greatest took years to become what they are today. You won't get an Apollo body in two weeks of strength training.

A lot of seriousness and a lot of patience

Note that a physical change also requires a lot of seriousness and patience.

It is not enough to decide once that you want this or that result, it is a question of renewing this will, continuing to do what you have resolved until the end, this is the definition of the magic word: PERSEVERANCE !

Apply yourself, be patient! be resolved! and Focus On Progress.

Coming soon a detailed article on the techniques to NOT LET GO!

Alexia, team Ardor

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