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Playing sports: are there any risks for the chest?

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What happens to your breasts when you exercise?

First of all, let's remember what the breasts are made of: your chest is made up of glands and fatty tissue supported by fine ligaments (cooper ligaments See diagram 1) which hold the breasts to the pectoral muscles. It is these fine ligaments that are put to the test when you play sports.

Thus without precaution, by force, the stretching of the ligaments can sometimes cause irreparable damage (sagging breasts, deformations, etc. ) in addition to physical discomfort and discomfort during training.

The pectoral muscle, which men often seek to develop, is located under the breast.

The pectoral muscle, which men seek
often to develop, is under the breast.

Our four solutions to continue a sports practice:

Sport in general is beneficial for the whole body . It would be a shame not to take advantage of it because of potential risks on your chest. Risks that can simply be eliminated with the right equipment. It is therefore better to adopt the right reflexes

  • Wear bras designed specifically for sport in flexible and breathable fabrics: forget your traditional bras for good
  • Choose crossed bras that provide optimal breast support, such as our "BLACK MARBLE" by ARDOR PROGRESS bra, which was designed specifically for intense practice.
  • Opt for bras with no seams inside the cup or areas of friction (like the Pulse Navy bras from ARDOR PROGRESS)
  • Protecting your chest is also strengthening it. Strengthening your pectoral muscles gradually will limit the risks.
The " Black Marble " bra from ARDOR PROGRESS
will provide you with unparalleled support for all types of sport.


What sports should be avoided?

Strictly speaking, there is no sport to avoid when you have the right equipment (adequate sports bra).

However, without optimal support, impact sports and those that require violent or repetitive vertical movements should be avoided:

  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Jumping rope
  • Horse riding
  • Certain athletic practices

 Which sports are preferred?

 So-called “soft” sports or muscle strengthening are to be preferred:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bodybuilding / CrossFit so well framed

Just like good shoes or a suitable outfit, the choice of your sports bra is essential in women's sporting activity. Opt for bras designed for physical activity and favor brands intended for your sport.

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