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The 5 essentials to take with you in competition

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Whether you are a fan of CrossFit competitions or this is your very first experience on the floor, there is always a moment of doubt when it comes to packing your bag for the competition. For performance or comfort, ARDOR PROGRESS, French CrossFit specialist, gives you the 5 essentials you should not forget.

Number 1: Props for warming up

Crucial moment to prepare for the effort or to finally get out of the night, the warm-up is not to be overused. For an effective warm-up, we advise you to take with you a massage roller or, more practical, a "lacrosse ball". This little moment of relaxation and muscle preparation will be like a decompression chamber before the first hubbub of the first WOD.

Number 2: Resistant outfits

No performance without proper CrossFit outfit(s)!

Take with you your favorite outfits with which you are most comfortable and which give you confidence. A warrior never leaves without his armour.

ARDOR PROGRESS creates sportswear that adapts to every situation and to the most uncompromising WODS. Our clothes will put you in the best conditions to perform with complete peace of mind.

Little ARDOR tips: remember to put several pairs of shoes in your bag, including one for weightlifting if you have one.

Number 3 and 4: Essential accessories

No surprise for this point. The essential for us are the potholders ! You're going to spend an entire weekend making your hands endure the worst: friction of all kinds, pull-ups, snatches and other muscle-ups, so no doubt the potholders will be your survival ally for your palms.

Second essential, don't forget your skipping rope in your sports bag! We have experienced it and we are not the only ones, during a first competition we do not think of this instrument yet it is rare to be given a string in competition. Your jump rope is clean, adjusted to your size so for your first DU in competition, don't forget it!

Little ARDOR tips: if you can also take a spare rope with a small screwdriver if your rope breaks, then you will be ready for any eventuality.

Number 5: Drinks for recovery

Finally, don't forget to prepare yourself or to buy a drink for the effort in sufficient quantity for the whole weekend. How to prepare your own exercise drink? It should ideally contain:

  • sugars
  • BCAA-type amino acids
  • mineral salts
  • proteins.

The ideal is to split between drink for the effort and drink of recovery. A sweeter drink with BCAAs pre- workout and a protein shake post- workout to support sore muscles.

Finally, highly mineralized water can be consumed throughout the day.

Non-exhaustive list for your comfort in competition:

  • several pairs of socks, underwear
  • snacks
  • a stretching (or big nap) mat
  • warm clothes just in case
  • deodorant for the neighbors
  • strength cuffs
  • knee pads
  • a preparatory cream for effort such as tiger balm or heating cream
  • a bomb of cold in case of sores etc...

And above all: good competition!

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