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Hypertrophy: not just to look pretty?

Posted by Team ARDOR on

Hypertrophy is the act of increasing the size of muscle fibers. Priority objective for bodybuilders, collateral damage in other strength sports such as CrossFit or Powerlifting.

Is there a point in gaining muscle? Be more muscular, but why?

Here are 3 benefits for anyone to gain muscle:

1. Gain muscle to improve your health.

From a muscular point of view, hypertrophy is an increase in the size of muscle fibers and therefore muscle mass, observed when a muscle reaches a larger diameter or an increase in its cross section. Through exercise, muscular work with overload leads to an increase in muscle mass thanks to this biological adaptation that is hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy makes it possible to age less quickly because:

  • Stimulating muscle mass can slow down all aging processes such as cancer (cellular degeneration), joint pathologies (osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis) , or even chronic and generalized inflammation of the body. The stimulation of muscle mass also acts on the hormonal growth system and sex hormones. Developing your muscles helps your body stay younger longer by fighting joint, cellular and hormonal breakdown.
  • Hypertrophy is also the only natural way to prevent the muscle wasting that happens as early as age 30! Indeed, from this age on average we lose between 0.5% and 1% of muscle per year , hello damage!
  • Declining muscle mass, which is not maintained, will lead to postural compensations that are unpleasant to live with on a daily basis and harmful to the whole body in the medium and long term. Maintaining muscle mass over the long term will allow you to prolong your autonomy and your comfort.


2. Gain muscle to improve body appearance.

Well, we're not going to lie! Hypertrophy is nice !

It is rare that Bodybuilding, CrossFit or other Weightlifting practitioners push the door of a Gym and follow a hypertrophy protocol thinking of their old age. The muscle gain will also, against all expectations, refine your silhouette. Indeed, more muscles also equals more energy expenditure and in the long term burning more calories will support fat loss.

Indeed, the fact of gaining muscle improves the silhouette a priori but not only.

Beyond the physical change, sport and muscle building is a non-negligible factor in improving self-confidence, in one's body, in one's abilities...and therefore increased well-being!

No need to copy or compare yourself to Instagram stars. Following a hypertrophy program in any sport will not only improve your self -esteem, but your performance as well .

3. Gain muscle to improve performance.

Build muscle to increase strength

  • Whether it is for an athlete specializing in a sport such as CrossFit or a practitioner of bodybuilding, mass gain is a way to improve sports performance and physical abilities: the same bigger muscle is stronger . Indeed, a hypertrophy program will accustom the muscle to recruit more muscle fibers.

  • In confrontational team sports such as rugby, handball or basketball, the gain in muscle mass is a significant asset in the balance of power against the opponent.

  • In individual sports like CrossFit, more muscles will mean more possibilities to respond positively to the different stresses related to this sport. Indeed, in a practice that aims for versatility, practicing muscle strengthening will improve your postures, your endurance and your strength and therefore for sure more effective WODs.

Build muscle to avoid injury

  • Sport sometimes demands more of what the body can handle. Pushing too hard or too violently, your body can say stop ! More muscle prevents injury by promoting more balanced postures and an overall stronger body.
  • The return from injury is also a pivotal moment in the care of an athlete. Thus, it is often correlated with a specific bodybuilding program to strengthen the weakened part and the unwanted postural compensations.

In short, hypertrophy looks pretty, it's pleasant for oneself in front of the mirror but the positive effects on the body and on the life of the athlete are multiple. Whatever your sport, we can only encourage you too much to integrate a dose of hypertrophy or functional reinforcement. Built in an intelligent and progressive way, a program adapted to you and your weaknesses will be an undeniable asset towards a better version of yourself.


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