Free delivery from 100€ of purchase

Levels and commissions

Functioning :

- The payment of commissions in euros or in vouchers will be made when you wish. (You can accumulate several months of commissions)

- To be able to receive your commissions in euros, you must have the status of micro-entrepreneur and send us your bank details.

- The commission percentages as well as the tier system in place are detailed in the table and in the dashboard of your affiliate space. (we let you know about it).

-An email will notify you when we give you money or a voucher.

Rules and tips:

- Indicate Ardor Progress in your Insta bio, as well as your promo code.

- Regularly remind your subscribers of your promo code, and present the products.

- Make a "headline" story to present the products you have, this will greatly help you to trigger sales.

- Do not hesitate to consult the information on the outfits on our website, to be able to give arguments

- As well as sharing our content!

Levels and commissions:

- from 0 to 50 sales, you will be commissioned up to 5% on your total sales.

- from 50 to 100 sales, you will be commissioned up to 10% of your total sales.

- from 100 to 200 sales, you will be commissioned up to 15% on your total sales.

*The counter of your sales will be reset to 0 at the end of each month.

Bonus Tiers:

We have integrated a few more bonus levels to earn you vouchers on the store.

Good luck to you !

Team Ardor