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Who are we ?

French brand, ARDOR PROGRESS born from the inspiration of sports enthusiasts to respond to a single principle: to design inspiring and robust clothing so that all your sports sessions become Herculean. Four young people who are passionate, dynamic and in search of challenges and surpassing themselves make up the ARDOR PROGRESS team.

TEAM ARDOR agrees that sportswear is not just there to be an accessory. Sportswear must transcend the wearer to reach undisclosed heights. And that's where we want to take you. ARDOR PROGRESS clothes are unique with a frank and worked design and they will know how to transcend your bravery and give you a second wind.

More than a sports outfit, the ARDOR PROGRESS collections are carefully chosen, refined and increasingly adapted to the body in motion. Right down to the detail of the label and its embroidery, ARDOR products are designed to show you off, never to slow you down and above all, to be one with you!

When you have to do an extra repetition in the gym, when you have to add weight to your bars, when blood and sweat are no longer enough to overtake you... We have created a line of clothing that will make you the real titan who cannot never let go without having access to his quest! To take your body to the next level, you need clothes that inspire you, grow you and make you ARDOR Progress!

More than a garment, ARDOR PROGRESS is the missing piece for your metamorphosis!

Your success is our success. TEAM ARDOR works in partnership with its customers because only you can inspire and breathe life into the rest of the adventure!

You never stop, neither do we: quality and constant renewal of collections are our watchwords. Be part of the ARDOR community and become a warrior in this clan of titans!


Marlène is the comm' asset of the brand. If such a strong community exists it is surely thanks to her. On the networks as in the room, she is the expert of style and charm.

Marlène is: communication, networks, the bubbly and the female athlete of the group #joie


Sport is his department and giving you as many opportunities as possible to develop and perform is his credo. The feather of the blog or the site, the ARDOR-style lifestyle can be found here.

Jérémy is: the positive sportsman, the reckless writer. #musclesandbrain


Choice of products, designs, colors, Margot takes care of your style and the next collection promises to be even more daunting. From her background as a psychologist, Margot draws strength and creates a whole context for your success.

Margot is: the BOSS already, the style, the ambianceuse of the group #success


The brains of Operation ARDOR. If the brand that thrills you in the gym exists, it's largely thanks to him and his sales background. Whether you need to find the right deal or refine the model you like, Marco will be there!

Marco is: the chat, the will, the go-getter and the success assured #ardor

Yann hunter

Artist who made our portraits!